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Good vs. May the force be with you!

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In a rally that was planned for Thursday night's premiere of "The Force Awakens" in Boston, supporters were greeting "Star Wars" fans, offering Bernie buttons and stickers to "Jedis and Stormtroopers alike" and making sure "all the Younglings are registered to vote, and [use] the old Jedi mind trick on any Republicans that may be in our midst. Sanders' competition in the Democratic field, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, proved she shoots first with a post on her website Thursday titled, " in Republican politics, as explained by 'Star Wars,' " which basically called the entire Republican field a bunch of scruffy-looking nerf-herders.

It also featured this not-so-subtle gif of the classic "Star Wars" opening credits scroll with the words replaced with her campaign logo.

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Jeff Flake showed off his "Star Wars" fandom this year in his report on wasteful federal spending called " Wastebook: The Farce Awakens ," complete with a cover page that includes a drawing of Flake and presumably George Lucas with lightsabers. American politicians are not the only ones versed in the ways of the Force.

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A discussion in the British House of Commons about the country's thriving film industry — "The Force Awakens" filmed many scenes in England — ended with U. Prime Minister David Cameron saying of a colleague, "I know he will never join the dark side.

The Evil Batman's Batcave Is As TWISTED As It Gets | Screen Rant

Before fans can escape into a whirlwind of lightsaber duels and epic space battles, the federal government will have one final message for theatergoers before the opening crawl: Don't drink or drive applies to cars and Millennium Falcons. But some politicians cannot even pretend to care about the political affairs of a galaxy far, far away. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush tried to come off as a fan of "Star Wars," but let slip to Business Insider that he doesn't plan on seeing the new film until March.

We assume he's waiting until after the March 1 "Super Tuesday" primaries. When asked if he likes the prequel trilogy, Bush shook his head and said, "No, I like the first ones. The prequels — the last three? Not as big a fan. Then there's Donald Trump, who has been personifying the famous Yoda line "fear is the path to the dark side" with his many controversial comments about women, building walls to keep Mexican immigrants out of the U.

At least he escaped a "Star Wars"-related question from Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week relatively unscathed. When asked if he is planning on seeing "The Force Awakens," he said he "might" and that he only watched "maybe one or two" of the previous six films. Beltway Confidential. Washington Secrets.

Monday October 07, 'Apologist and defender of the indefensible' Together, Donald Trump and Darth Vader could rule the galaxy. AP Photos. Below are the bad "Star Wars" references you're looking for. Pataki GovernorPataki December 18, Star Wars. Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton. Marco Rubio. Rand Paul. Jeff Flake. Jeb Bush. Donald Trump. Ted Cruz. More Washington Examiner. Monday October 07, Joe Biden's lead in a popular average of national presidential primary polls has slipped to just 0.

The press secretary for Rudy Giuliani during his mayoral campaign wondered "what happened" to him in an op-ed in The New York Times, which was published on Monday. Among his mechanical monsters were a pound robot with red eyes and a Gatling gun; a talking head with glowing eyes; a snarling and leaping mechanical mastiff; and a fire-breathing dragon.

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For someone gifted with his hands, being different is OK. Beginning Monday, Oct. Authorities have arrested two of the three people the U. Postal Service… Continue reading. Cascade Water Alliance has announced the Lake Tapps drawdown. As residents… Continue reading. In early , Auburn entered into an interlocal agreement with five other…. Some of the former employees are owed thousands of dollars in back pay.

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Projects to better zip the public to the Transit Station and back. The King County Medical Examiner has identified the man whose body was…. Previous Auburn School District bus drivers deliver gifts to 30 families. This Week's Ads. View All.

Obi-Wan: He's more machine now than man. His mind is twisted and evil. 【HD】

More in News King County cities are among most expensive to rent in Northwest Bellevue has highest apartment rents; Renton, Kent and Federal Way all saw increases in Bird of wonder Auburn welcomes Seattle Parrot Expo. Two of three arrested for thefts at Auburn and Milton post offices this past summer Authorities have arrested two of the three people the U. Auburn to get ST funds for intersection fix-its Projects to better zip the public to the Transit Station and back.

Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

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