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It was never going to work out. In an alternate timeline, they did get married and there was a son involved and etc.

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But Thor, possibly with the advice of an immortal marriage counselor, traveled back in time and gave the younger version himself a stern talking to in order to prevent a catastrophic mistake possibly involving Asgardian alimony payments. There have been others.


Brunnhilde the Valkyrie. Roz Solomon the Shield graduate. The issue seems to be Odin in all honesty. Every time his son is romantically disappointed dear old Dad erase the memories of the female player in the relationship. This is not contributing to the stability and longevity of his romantic efforts. Perhaps Dad should stop the helicopter parenting shtick. So the question still remains.

Will Thor settle down and get married? If he does, will he have a dad bod? Time will tell. I wonder who Thor would pick as his Asgard wedding photographer? Your email address will not be published. His quick mind searched to find a way of restoring to Sif the beauty of her golden hair. But before we tell you of what Loki did to restore the beauty of Sif's golden hair, we must tell you of the other beings besides the Gods and the Goddesses who were in the world at the time. First, there was the Vanir.

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These were not wicked and ugly like the Giants; they were beautiful and friendly; the Vanir they were named. Although they were beautiful and friendly the Vanir had no thought of making the world more beautiful or more happy. Freya, whom the Giant wanted to take away with the Sun and the Moon as a reward for the building of the wall round Asgard, was of the Vanir.

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On the earth below there were other beings--the dainty Elves, who danced and fluttered about, attending to the trees and flowers and grasses. The Vanir were permitted to rule over the Elves.

Sif - Norse Mythology for Smart People

Then below the earth, in caves and hollows, there was another race, the Dwarfs or Gnomes, little, twisted creatures, who were both wicked and ugly, but who were the best craftsmen in the world. And now that he was commanded to restore to Sif the beauty of her hair, Loki thought of help he might get from the Dwarfs. Down, down, through the winding passages in the earth he went, and he came at last to where the Dwarfs who were most friendly to him were working in their forges.

All the Dwarfs were master-smiths, and when he came upon his friends he found them working hammer and tongs, beating metals into many shapes. He watched them for a while and took note of the things they were making.

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One was a spear, so well balanced and made that it would hit whatever mark it was thrown at no matter how bad the aim the thrower had. The other was a boat that could sail on any sea, but that could be folded up so that it would go into one's pocket. The spear was called Gungnir and the boat was called Skidbladnir. He talked to them till the little, ugly folk thought that they would come to own Asgard and all that was in it.

At last Loki said to them, "Have you got a bar of fine gold that you can hammer into threads--into threads so fine that they will be like the hair of Sif, Thor's wife? Only the Dwarfs could make a thing so wonderful. Ah, there is the bar of gold. Hammer it into those fine threads, and the Gods themselves will be jealous of your work.

Flattered by Loki's speeches, the Dwarfs who were in the forge took up the bar of fine gold and flung it into the fire. Then taking it out and putting it upon their anvil they worked on the bar with their tiny hammers until they beat it into threads that were as fine as the hairs of one's head. But that was not enough.

Sif and her Golden Hair

They had to be as fine as the hairs on Sif's head, and these were finer than anything else. They worked on the threads, over and over again, until they were as fine as the hairs on Sif's head. The threads were as bright as sunlight, and when Loki took up the mass of worked gold it flowed from his raised hand down on the ground. It was so fine that it could be put into his palm, and it was so light that a bird might not feel its weight. Then Loki praised the Dwarfs more and more, and he made more and more promises to them.

He charmed them all, although they were an unfriendly and a suspicious folk. And before he left them he asked them for the spear. The Dwarfs gave him these things, though in a while after they wondered at themselves for giving them. Back to Asgard Loki went. He walked into the Council House where the Dwellers in Asgard were gathered.

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He met the stern look in Odin's eyes and the rageful look in Thor's eyes with smiling good humor. And when poor Sif took off her veil he put upon her shorn head the wonderful mass of gold he held in his palm. Over her shoulders the gold fell, fine, soft, and shining as her own hair.

Thors Wife Thors Wife
Thors Wife Thors Wife
Thors Wife Thors Wife
Thors Wife Thors Wife
Thors Wife Thors Wife

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