Surfing the Tsunami

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Can You Surf a Tsunami Wave?

Sixty years later the American filmmaker Peter Brosnan set out to find it again. See all episodes from Outlook. Main content. Listen now. Forced to 'Surf' a Tsunami Outlook. Show more.

Can You Surf a Tsunami Wave?

Photo credit: Ralf Obergfell Show less. Available now 50 minutes.

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Albino Man who Confronted Witchdoctor. A band playing a concert near one of the affected beaches was swept away, killing three of the four members.

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  • Tsunami waves are not surfable.

According to the Times , least homes, 69 hotels and villas, 60 small shops and boats have been destroyed. Authorities are warning residents of possible further tsunamis if the volcano continues to erupt.

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By signing up you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. After shaping himself a couple of oddball boards, DR puts them to the test. An update on the World Champ from Garcia's family and friends.

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Style lord Craig Anderson breaks down his eclectic arsenal in the latest "Quivers". Ryan Mack is following in the footsteps of East Coast legends of surf photography. Introducing the Follow the Light Finalist, along with a gallery of his best work.

Longboard Champ Harley Ingleby takes an obscure piece of surf history for a spin. After the Tahiti Pro trials were called off, foot tow bombs ruled the day. Friends of the World Champ and power surfing icon express love and support online following suicide attempt. In Arugam Bay, strong-minded local women are creating a space for themselves in the lineup where they were previously unwelcome.

Surfing the Tsunami Surfing the Tsunami
Surfing the Tsunami Surfing the Tsunami
Surfing the Tsunami Surfing the Tsunami
Surfing the Tsunami Surfing the Tsunami
Surfing the Tsunami Surfing the Tsunami

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