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Are you ready to Go Global with Swansea University?

That total does not include the ongoing costs and time required to maintain an entity. Additionally, if a company chooses to exit a market, the cost and time associated with setup can be expected to multiply by a factor of three. Companies need to consider the time and costs of expansion so they can better plan to go global successfully, efficiently, and compliantly. Furthermore, this solution takes care of compliance, risk mitigation, benefits, and payroll, and allows companies to stay flexible in order to adapt to changing business needs in foreign markets.

Some of the key drivers that encourage companies to go global are to increase their market share, create a new customer base for their products or services, increase revenue, secure and retain top talent, and hedge against domestic instability.

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Each company has its own goals when it comes to global expansion, and identifying both the reason for expansion as well as the target country will help companies get one step closer towards those goals. Before entering a new market, companies need to perform thorough in-country research to determine if there is a need for their product or service offering in their desired location. As they go through this process, companies can benefit from asking themselves the following questions to ascertain their potential in a new market:.

According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review , the number one reason why companies fail internationally is a lack of commitment to the whole team. When going global, it is important for companies to keep their eyes on the prize and make sure they make each decision based on their long-term goals.

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Timing with global expansion comes into play when companies are looking to gain a competitive advantage in foreign markets. This means ensuring speed to market in order to get in a new country quicker than their competition. When trying to get the timing right, companies can look back to their chosen global expansion approach. An agile method for entry into foreign markets allows companies to enter markets quickly and at the best possible time for their company.

There is a lot to consider when going global. From the right expansion method to the right location, companies need to take the time to create an effective strategy for their expansion. At the end of the day, if a company has put in the work and prepared themselves to overcome challenges in new countries, then the right time to undertake international expansion is now. Take your business to the right place, at the right time, with the right approach.

Learn how our International PEO solution can help you take advantage of the opportunities in new foreign markets. Reach out today! In the name of research, I went to my local Chicago Eataly and found that alongside the salami and prosciutto, cheese from nearby Wisconsin gets its due representation.

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One of the best lessons I learned at my old marketing job was that if you want to connect with customers, you have to start by getting out there and getting to know them. At the time, my company was attempting to go global, and we found that the online food ordering space wasn't the same in London as it was in Chicago go figure. So we had to get to know Londoners and develop relationships within the community.

As a well-established brand, Eataly uses partnerships to entrench themselves in the markets they want to expand to.

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We try to let the producers and ingredients speak. The best gifts I've received are when someone presents me with something that shows they've been listening. Friends, significant others, or parents who get the hints you've been dropping for months make life easier. They get extra points if they provide you with something that you didn't know you even needed—but makes your life better.

How to Go Global from the Start

How does this apply to global brands going local? Brands that take the time to listen to what local customers want—and supply them with products and experiences that speak to their needs—win in the long haul. As an example, "In India, Samsung has many products and services developed locally with Indian consumers in mind: smart ovens that cook naan and tandoori rotis, and air conditioners designed for extreme weather and electricity issues," writes AdAge. Nike is also exploring the glocalization concept , through a concerted effort to develop more local products tailored to what customers in the targeted areas need.

While it's not possible to impose a grand, international localized effort all at once, testing out personalized customer service and product development in key markets can reap big returns. Speaking from my own experience, when Nike released a microsite to tout their running clubs to Chicago Marathon runners, I couldn't help but feel a little pride.

The site also highlights some of the famous, and not-so-well-known, running routes in the Windy City. My heart swelled a bit when I saw The on the list. What can I say? Rachel Henry is a Chicago-based editor at a communications firm.

How to Go Global: Challenges, Considerations and Tips

She spends most of her time reading her way through a giant stack of library books and trying to find the best vacation deals online. How to build a brand that will evolve with your business Customer connections. Going behind the scenes of great customer experiences Water cooler.

4 Ways to Go Global: Larry Rosia @ Saskatchewan Polytechnic

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How to go Global How to go Global
How to go Global How to go Global
How to go Global How to go Global
How to go Global How to go Global
How to go Global How to go Global

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