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Hard to Say It: Woman Admits She’s a Germaphobe

For example, Kroll and her team collect data differently from agencies that are checking on whether streams are attaining their designated use, but they want the data to be useful to agencies. They meet regularly with agencies from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, in addition to the Delaware River Basin Commission, to share findings and talk about ways to work together.

But the universal challenge, the study suggests, is that funding for these projects does not align with their scope. As a result, the efforts can end up being truncated or fail to produce results in the time allotted by the funding organization.

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The authors suggest helping the funders better understand the scope of the project by reporting or meeting with them regularly; and doing their best to partner with community scientists and conservation groups to share data and best practices, which could help increase the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of monitoring programs.

Looking forward, the researchers are considering these protocols as blueprints for future monitoring programs. By sharing data and collaborating with regional partner organizations, monitoring programs will ideally be more efficient and collect more meaningful data that can be used for the creation of future restoration projects and the continual improvement of water quality across the board.

Materials provided by Drexel University. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

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Science News. The most significant obstacles they found were: Lack of planning for implementation of a monitoring program Lack of considerations of geographic region or scale of project Failure to develop specific goals Limitations to the scope of projects, including long term monitoring, as a result of expectations from the funding agency To address these challenges, the authors suggest a combination of setting a more stringent standard for monitoring the programs and partnering with established conservation groups to implement it.

Story Source: Materials provided by Drexel University. Journal Reference : Stefanie A.

Kroll, Richard J. Horwitz, David H.

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Keller, Bern W. Sweeney, John K. Jackson, Lin B. Large-scale protection and restoration programs aimed at protecting stream ecosystem integrity: the role of science-based goal-setting, monitoring, and data management.

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Freshwater Science , ; 38 1 : 23 DOI: It's hard to say, and that's a problem. When people tell you their experiences and it starts to hit you I'm tired because I have been fighting for equity for some time now We need more of us standing up and doing and saying the right thing.

We need more of us to listen when we are told things that are uncomfortable for us to hear. If you are a person who makes New Year's Resolution then I am calling on you to make this the thing you change. Speak up!

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Speak Out! Make room! Acknowledge the privileges that you have. Happy New Year everyone.

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Hard to Say Hard to Say
Hard to Say Hard to Say
Hard to Say Hard to Say
Hard to Say Hard to Say
Hard to Say Hard to Say
Hard to Say Hard to Say
Hard to Say Hard to Say

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