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4. Sack Man

They may not have the relevant experience to give you proper financial advice. Journalist are like bloggers, but worse.

There is still a portion of the public that trusts significant media outlets. Many people assume that financial advice in the major news is unbiased. However, many of the people penning financial columns have day jobs as advisors and have a secret agenda to drive business.


In other words, wear Your Money Geek superhero cape, and you will be fine… mostly. I work with my spouse and family, so instead of risking some awkward conversations at work and home, I reached out to my blogging friend Fiintrovert to offer his take on co-workers. Our coworkers can have an outsized influence on our lives. After all, we spend at least one-third of our day with them five days a week [if you are lucky… some of us spend more time with them than with others].

A dismissive laugh and comment about how expensive kids are can quickly undermine your confidence in your plan. But take heart. There are no monsters under the bed. Saving, investing, and optimizing habits formed before children will live on when Chucky arrives.

Hey, why not hire someone to do it? You work hard so might as well pay someone that money you worked so hard for. Get that scary beast out of your head. The last boogeyman you might encounter is truly sinister and capable of destroying the most wealth. It can disproportionately affect younger workers, but all are susceptible.

This is the boogeyman of k myths. I have encountered him in at least three forms. This boogeyman is terrifying because it not only hurts your present self but your future self as well. This was a horrifying day. But the most ghoulish k boogeyman came the day I heard a CFO of a company I worked for stealthily making his way down the hall asking employees if they wanted their k withholding to apply to the end of year bonuses. He was telling them it would reduce their bonus amount but what he was doing was trying to save the company money by not having to match the bonus amount the employees put in their k s.

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This was truly scary. Not only would employees have missed out on getting the match on the funds, but they would have been taxed on their entire bonus amounts — a significant loss. It may be hard to imagine your parents as a Boogeyman. However, their good intentions may derail your goals. You parents likely grew up and worked in different market and economic environment.

Long, gone are the days of working for the same employer and receiving a generous pension and benefits. Today, employees need not only to take an increased interest in their own financial security, but they also need to prepare for risks that were historically shouldered by the employer, such as longevity or health care cost inflation. What worked for your parents may not be the best plan for you. Financial products evolve, and concerns change. Looking for a safe place to stash some cash? Check out: The Unicorn of Savings Vehicles. Many times parents like to run financial planning by their adult children.

The problem is the children may not have the experience, or they may have different risk tolerance. If your adult children have a 30 year time horizon and you only have 10, you are essentially comparing apples to oranges. If you are not on the same page financially with your significant other, you could end up veering off your financial path.

If they plan on retiring in Florida and you want to travel the world, you may need to make some significant compromises. Most financial advisors are great, but some are just plain awful. You need to shop around and talk to people. However, do not show the financial advisor the other advisors proposals, because then all the advisor is going to do is bad-mouth the plan.

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One thing I learned from 20 years in the personal finance industry, neighbors are notorious for bragging about their gains when the market is up. What works for your neighbor may not work for you. Her position behind the throne as Secretary of State allows her to spend less time in the limelight and more time under the bed, plotting against unwary conservatives with the other Boogeymen. She lost the Presidential Election on purpose so she could find new ways to sneak scary Muslims and Mexicans into America and undermine Donald Trump, our Russian rightfully-elected president with her emails.

Former vice president and professional whiner who couldn't shut up and accept a blatantly slanted court verdict in some contested election a few years back. Now a hypocrite who owns a big house what's all this mumbo-jumbo about solar power and carbon offsets?

Sounds commie to me and runs a cable network that will air a documentary film made by practically anyone as long as it's shorter than fifteen minutes. The supreme spiritual leader of all Liberals, everywhere.

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Despite his near god-like influence, he prefers to watch from the shadows. He keeps a low profile [3] , posing as a university professor. Widely believed to be the right hand man of George Soros himself. Recently, a dedicated group of Conservatives connected the dots and flushed him out of his "high ranking" position for "plagiarizing" his work and "lying" about his "Native American" "ancestry".

However, this was simple another step in the master plan. By terminating his position, deceitful Liberals can claim that academia is not biased. The financier behind the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. Bears absolutely no resemblance to Richard Mellon Scaife at all, not in the least. Liberals are thought to be paid in a secret currency known as Soros Bucks. Community reform organization that helped create the banking crisis by manipulating lending laws to get Affirmative Action loans, committed widespread voter fraud to get Barack HUSSEIN Obama elected, and then made off with billions in stimulus cash.

Hate group with secret ties to the Obama administration that proves that he's racist against white people.

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They will be used in the elections to keep white people from voting. Helped Al Gore invent global warming. His hockey stick is part of the Big Lie that socialists are using to bring about the One World Government. Controls all of Hollywood , from where he implants evil lie-bral ideas into the minds of the masses. Even though he does sports commentary for now he is still an evil liberal and stated to be the left wing equivalent of Bill O Reilly to distract from the latter's wingnuterry.

Patriots' defense sparked by 'The Boogeymen' at linebacker

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    See the main article on this topic: Ward Churchill. See the main article on this topic: George Soros. See the main article on this topic: Richard Dawkins. See the main article on this topic: Saul Alinsky. See the main article on this topic: New Black Panther Party.

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