A Guide To Influence(rs), 2013 Edition

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Social Media Influencer Cost to Advertise on Instagram:

Joelle Mardinian, a Lebanese-born TV host, has had a multitude of career paths to reach where she is today. After moving to Dubai, Joelle started her career initially as a makeup artist in salons, but later discovered her engaging camera personality. She merged these two passions and has had a well known makeover show on MBC for over ten years. This led to her ventures in a new business market where she created her own salons, skin products, hair products, spas and even plastic surgery clinics.

Some may say she is building a beauty empire spanning the Middle East. This year, she is getting even more attention as a reality show focused on her and her family is debuting. Growing up, Taim AlFalasi was a large fan of English and American radio shows which she used to listen to obsessively. During her experience as a visual communications major at Zayed University, she started making her own shows using basic production techniques in her bedroom. The Taim Show, as it was called, was launched in She became one of the very first Emirati women to create and maintain an internet radio show.

She has found widespread success. The Taim Show is regarded in many rankings as the most listened to program in the Arab world. Following this success, Taim Alfalasi has become a well known influencer in the Middle East. She has 2. She frequently creates posts promoting glamorous travel locations, luxury clothing items and gourmet food restaurants.

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Abdullaziz Baz grew up in Dubai living a relatively normal life before he started his career as a comedian and a model. With near 5 million followers on Instagram, he is best known for creating hilarious videos and pictures that portray life in the UAE. He is widely loved for his role as a jokester, always pranking people or poking fun at himself. This lovable nature has earned him high profile sponsorships with tech, car and perfume companies. Follow his Instagram or YouTube channel if you are in search of a smile! His instagram, followed by a massive 6.

He has a clear passion for traveling and expresses it to all of his followers. It seems the more remote the place, the more he loves to go there. He frequently shows off his thrill junkie passions which include skydiving, ziplining, snowboarding, spearfishing and diving. He also often posts pictures with exotic animals such as lions and falcons, as well as [less-exotic] camels. If that list was not impressive enough, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed is also a published poet.

While he does not need the money as he is already a multi-millionaire, the Prince enjoys being an influencer in his own right. After looking at his posts, one is certainly inspired to live a more active, adventurous life! Her makeup tutorials are watched globally by hundreds of thousands of women, with big names such as Chrissy Teigen following her on Instagram. She notes one of her biggest struggles being getting girls to appreciate other girls, especially given the competitive nature of social media.

How Much Does Influencer Marketing Cost?

Despite initial resistance, she appears to have found the magic trick and has united women across the Arab and greater world with her global following. On her Instagram page, she has high-stake partnerships with Shein, Colgate dental products, the Arab world E-commerce site Souk, and even Disney. These partnerships are transcending a solely Arab audience. Mohamed Beiraghdary better known as MoVlogs , although only 23, is one of the most popular YouTubers and social media influencers in the Middle East. This Dubai-based Iranian personality is known for his car-related videos and for displaying a glimpse into the lifestyle of an extremely wealthy person in the United Arab Emirates.

With frequent guest stars by Rashed Belhasa, the richest self-made year-old in Dubai, and Saygin Yalcin, a self-made billionaire, he has gained many followers from people who are intrigued by this lifestyle. Though he is not necessarily providing advertising space for companies, he is a lifestyle influencer that believes in spend large amounts of money on having fun and looking good. In , she started blogging on her website called Dalalid with content focused on her daily clothing choices and personal makeup tips in , also sharing her blogs on Instagram.

In almost no time, word about her lifestyle tips had spread throughout the Gulf countries and the Arab world. Dalal is one of the most well-known influencers in her country of Kuwait. After finding widespread success after only one year, she started her YouTube channel where she continues to provide makeup tips and share her experiences, as well as conducting reviews of beauty products.

Influencer Marketing - How to Find Influencers in Minutes? - 2019

Nabil started hosting TV shows in Kuwait at the young age of nine. While in the USA she discovered a passion for fashion, and shortly thereafter began her blog, Nohastyle, while first garnered traction when she was as featured as a presenter on popular channels, Dubai TV and MBC. Instagram soon became her most recognized platform and has remained so today. She has also seen success in promotions for fashion and cosmetic companies. Darin Al Bayed is a Lebanese content creator and comic star with over 4 million Instagram followers. Currently based in Jeddah, she posts comical imaginary situations between women and men to explore gender-based social dynamics that exist in Saudi Arabia.

Below are the General Guidelines for How Much Influencers are Charging Brands:

She argues that Saudi women have far greater power to speak on the internet than in real life. Since she created her channel, Darin has gained significant attention from Saudis and public appreciation of her values. Many companies have capitalized on her celebrity status and had her advertise their products, with two recent examples being Huawei Arabia and sadeem.

She is currently based in the UAE where she shares photos and videos on her account related to her personal lifestyle, travels and comedic moments, with occasional features from two of her brothers. In , an online video intelligence company named Tubular Labs released a report with their calculation for ranking the most influential female YouTubers in Saudi Arabia. Al Shammari took the very top spot on the list with content that was found to be over 5X more engaging than the average YouTuber.

The reason? Most likely because marketers and influencers, most likely don't really know how to track performance of their social media marketing efforts. Let's see what the facts bear out.

Definition: The Word of Mouth Marketing Association defines a social media influencer as a person or group of people who possess greater than average potential to influence due to attributes such as frequency of communication, personal persuasiveness or size of and centrality to a social network, among others. If you can, connect them to other relevant influencers worth connecting with.

Part 1: What is an Influencer

I place myself into this category alongside Andy Crestodina and Jayson Gaignard. Finally, there are the bloggers. While they still hold sway, their impact is often limited to their blog audience. However, they are usually the easiest to connect with. For bloggers and for authorities, the easiest way I've found to form relationships with them is to take their advice, test it out, and when something works share the results with them.

For example : They spend a lot of time writing, speaking and sharing ideas with people. They get little feedback from their audience when the advice they give others is implemented and helps someone accomplish something. Then you reach out to them with a message like: "I read your article and implemented the advice you shared. These are the results that I achieved.

Start Strong: Building Healthy Teen Relationships – Influencers

When people reach out to me and say they've used something that I share, those are the first people I respond to. My team at ContentMarketer partnered up with Venngage and Sumo to bring you this influencer marketing cheat sheet:. Here is a quick, step-by-step process you can use. In the FollowerWonk example, Nat, Noah, and I have shared interests in various fields of internet marketing, startups, and entrepreneurship.

Who’s Missing From The List?

So using this approach to find other content marketers might be a little harder. Nat and I are also tea connoisseurs. Although this more of a secondary interest i. That would make your outreach very challenging if you wanted to share an article on how to grow your site from K to a tea expert. What did I find? A numbered list of 50 influencers and their respective Twitter handle.

A Guide To Influence(rs), 2013 Edition A Guide To Influence(rs), 2013 Edition
A Guide To Influence(rs), 2013 Edition A Guide To Influence(rs), 2013 Edition
A Guide To Influence(rs), 2013 Edition A Guide To Influence(rs), 2013 Edition
A Guide To Influence(rs), 2013 Edition A Guide To Influence(rs), 2013 Edition
A Guide To Influence(rs), 2013 Edition A Guide To Influence(rs), 2013 Edition
A Guide To Influence(rs), 2013 Edition A Guide To Influence(rs), 2013 Edition

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